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Venom Defense & Design

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The top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.
Synonyms: peak, pinnacle, top

The Venom Defense and Design "APEX" is the peak, the pinnacle of EDC hand spinner fidget toys. The "APEX" relies on the superior stability characteristics of a tri-spinner design. We offer 3 different weights to suit all users and spinning styles. Brass is heaviest, followed by titanium and our lightweight aluminum is well suited to beginners. We make use of the highest quality R188 hybrid ceramic bearings. The custom 3d contoured buttons provide for a comfortable, secure, ergonomic grip. The body is fully CNC machined on our state-of-the-art equipment in our facility in Allendale, Michigan. The body is perfectly sized for small and large hands alike at roughly 3" in diameter. There are 12 total slots (6 top, 6 bottom) that accept 1.5mmx6mm or 2mmx6mm glass vials that are filled with glow material (not included).

Constructed of the finest materials on precision equipment and held to the highest quality control standards, the "APEX" is the perfect choice for you EDC hand spinner needs. Hand toys have been proven effective at promoting focus and concentration, calming and relieving stress, as well as suppressing other fidget habits like clicking pens, tapping feet or fingers, etc. The "APEX" is perfect for any environment and all ages.


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