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Centre Spin (Stainless)

JL Lawson Co

Regular price $145.00 USD

In a world inundated with hand spinners, why choose ours? I'll keep this simple...

Clean, pocket sized design
Our simple design is intentional. Handing is the point, not impressing your friends with wacky design that is too bulky for your pocket.

Trusted brand
We've had many successful campaigns with extremely satisfied customers as well as a trusted brand name for six years now. You know that you can trust our quality and customer service.

Precision machined in California
All of our products are made in the U.S.A with the highest quality machining and we guarantee everything that goes out the door.

U.S.A. made bearing!
This is rare among spinners and part of the reason ours is a bit more pricey then some others. The cost of our bearing is 5-6 times (standard retail value is $22) that of the imported but we believe it's worth it! 'Merica! 

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