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The Consigliere: the Boss' most trusted advisor.

As for February 1, 2017 our spinners come standard with full ceramic bearing.

AKA The Mini-OG: Uniquely designed, bottle opening, EDC Hand Spinner. All COLOR versions come with our "Stamp of Approval". Machine Finish does not come with laser engraved logo. 

Proudly made in the USA. Manufactured using high quality Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass Bar Stock, CNC machined on our 5 Axis mill. Optionally assembled with 2 ea Bearing Shields.

If desired this model comes with our upgraded "mechanical fastening" bearing shields. We're excited to offer a design that allows for easy, tool free, access to clean and/or lubricate your bearing for optimum long term performance! We guarantee they will only come apart when you want them to. The oversized, concave shape is not only more comfortable, but it also improves grip for those with smaller hands. 

Proven to be a great tool to help with Anxiety, PTSD, SPD, ADHD, Handing Hands, EDC Spinner


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