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Ables Planetary Spinners

Regular price $120.00 USD

Set of customized brass FrankenworX grips. These have been swirled with a turbine knurl on top and a straight knurl around the sides. They have been stepped down in the center to create an extra deep dish to help keep your fingers locked in and then antiqued and brushed out to a nice shine. Sale is for grips only. Spinner pictured is not included. These will fit most spinners that use a R188 bearing such as the Stubby, Compass and Torqbar. Shown on the Random Fabrications Portal, Scam Torqbar SB and Rotablade Stubby.

Visit the about FrankenworX grips page for more info. A link to purchase stock grips and The Portal spinner pictured above can be found there as well.


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*This spinner is NOT for sale directly on Hand Spinner. To purchase it, go to the maker store. Otherwise, if you would like to purchase one of our own spinners go to our store.