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Yellow Day Energy

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The helix is the brain child of a mad scientist, developed in order to provide some complexity in an otherwise vanilla one plate 4 weight world. The Helix is the first of its kind - a 12 piece spinner that consists of 3 bullets, 3 pins, 3 fins, a cradle, and 2 buttons. Each piece is fully machined from a solid block of metal and then meticulously hand finished and assembled.

The Helix will be the first 12 piece spinner, fully CNC machined then hand finished in CANADA! I personally ( Kris Eliuk ) test and package each spinner myself to make sure the quality that is expected will be there for your very first spin . With an overall diameter of 60mm and a thickness of 16mm, it is decent size but not overbearing and for only 85$ USD on the kickstarter!! This is truly a piece of metal art.

The Helix 1 is made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and 303 stainless steel comes standard with a steal bearing, fully upgradable if you so choose. Being the entry model, this still goes through the same testing as all the rest of the line and for only 115$ it is highest value for most parts and quality on the market.

The Helix Color is also made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum then anodized with your choice of 5 colors ( black,blue,red,green,orange ). You will also get your choice of brass, copper and stainless (pins,bullets,buttons) at no extra charge. After rigorous testing, we found out that the hybrid ceramic bearing has the best overall performance and due to our commitment to quality comes standard in All Helix Color models.

The idea for the Helix was developed from a need for a spinner to be complex, elegant, and at a price that anyone could afford. This spinner was made for the PEOPLE! Keeping in mind this is a 12 piece spinner where most of the others on the market have 3 pieces. Just because its affordable doesn’t mean cheap, the quality is just as good if not better as the top end models out there and at a fraction of the PRICE.


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