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Hintze Custom Knives

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The Hand is not something that I am taking pre-orders on.  I make a few here and there and when they are finished I will post on facebook and instagram how many and of what kinds I have for sale. Check in often for updates and expected release dates. 

 What It's For

This is the Hintze Custom Hand.  It is meant to be used as you would a stress ball.  Its something to be used by people who are anxious or can't sit still.  The Hand gives your hand something to do and your brain something to focus on. Spin and flip it while waiting in line, while on long trips, or sitting through a meeting or lecture.


The All Important Spin Time

Spin times very slightly but most models all spin for about 3 minutes.  My personal one after some use easily hits 3:30.


Options for Materials 

The Hand comes in a variety of materials to fit with your style and personality. Standard is brass with a brass center and stainless weights. It also comes in copper with brass weights and a brass center.


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*This spinner is NOT for sale directly on Hand Spinner. To purchase it, go to the maker store. Otherwise, if you would like to purchase one of our own spinners go to our store.