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So what exactly is a “fidget toy”? Think of it like a more sophisticated version of a stress ball. In addition to stress relief, fidget toys are perfect for those who click pens or tap their fingers or feet. A hand spinner offers a discreet way to tame distracting fidget habits. They are also perfect for calming anxiety and nervousness as well as helping to improve focus.

Measuring 1.875" x .875" - our iFDGT builds upon the successes of its predecessor - the "FDGT". Spin time is maximized through highly engineered aerodynamics and mass distribution. All models use a high-performance shielded hybrid ceramic bearing. Buttons are constructed of aluminum and are .825" in diameter and sit above the top surface of the spinner body to allow for table spins. The generous chamfers on all edges provide for comfortable manipulation and easy, snag-free carrying. All materials are precision CNC machined in our shop in Allendale, Michigan.

The iFDGT is the perfect size and shape for all hands and all ages.

Includes 4 1.5mmx6mm slots for glow powder filling or glow vials, but neither are included.


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