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Peace 420

Rick Roemer Lighting

Regular price $48.00 USD

This is a super smooth hand spinner fidget toy that is a compact Everyday Carry size that fits easily in your pocket. Play with it at your desk or anywhere. It has my specially treated SuperSpin Ceramic hybrid bearing that's lifetime lubed with a very high quality special oil.

I haven't tested yet but I think it spins for about 4:20. No guarantee on that.

It comes in Ganja Green. (Let me know if you would prefer some other color and I'll let you know if it's available).

It is very durable and has a nice hefty feel to it. There are chrome steel balls for weights that contribute to its long spin time.

It's 3D printed and I designed it to have some nice multi-level, 3 dimensional intricate detail.

You can get the top finger button with a Metal Peace Sign insert that's available in Silver or Brass color. Or you can select the 4:20 Logo button in Green.

A unique feature of my spinners is the ability to be able to spin them on a surface since the finger pads protrude beyond the spinner body. The bottom button is flat but has a beveled hole in the center for solid control when balancing on a finger and doing finger jumping tricks.

It's a great toy to fidget with. It's pretty cool to twist it in different directions in the air and feel the gyroscopic effects.


2 5/8" (68 mm) Diameter
3/4" (22 mm) High

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