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Rick Roemer Lighting

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This is a super smooth spinning fidget toy that you can carry in your pocket. Play with it at your desk or anywhere. It has a high quality bearing that's lifetime lubed with a very high quality special oil.

This spinner is made from high quality Nickel motorcycle chain and has a custom designed 3D printed sprocket. It is very sturdy, it's tough as nails and has a really hefty feel to it.

A stainless steel bearing is standard or Upgrade to a Ceramic Hybrid Bearing for super long spin time. My initial testing with the Ceramic upgrade got this bad boy to spin for over 5 minutes, sitting on a solid surface. I have done a spin time test on youtube. (I don't guarantee any minimum spin time. It can vary spinner to spinner).

A unique feature of my spinners is the ability to be able to spin them on a surface since the finger pads protrude beyond the spinner body.

Spin it in your hand or on your desktop.

It's a great toy to fidget with. It's pretty cool to twist it in different directions in the air and feel the gyroscopic effects. With the PirateBiker you can really feel the gyro effects fighting your movement due to its weight.


2 5/8" (68 mm) Diameter
3/4" (22 mm) High


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