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The Ripsaw: a coarse-toothed saw used for cutting.

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As for February 1, 2017 our spinners come standard with full ceramic bearing.

* New release limited stock may take 1-2weeks to process orders

It's not all about the bling... this EDC Hand Spinner is built for performance! If you're looking for extremely long spin times this particular spinner is what you need! It's absolutely amazing.

The center section easily spins for 3+ min. The outer accessory ring spins for up to 2 min (because of wind drag). It spins so long people have actually asked how it's powered!

Proudly made in the USA. Manufactured using high quality brass and domestic sourced 6061 Aluminum bar stock. CNC machined on our 5 Axis CNC mill then individually assembled using a quality Ceramic Bearing and 2ea Bearing Shields. 

Guaranteed not to disappoint!

Approximate Dimensions (without outer accessory ring)
1.47" x .55" thick

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