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Secret Service


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Discreet enough to hide in any pocket, this dual arm spinner is perfect for stealth maneuvers when the fidget bug attacks. So get ready to upgrade your plastic spinner with the brand new sleek Secret Service spinner. 5+ min spin time.

This Brass Spinner comes with a newly released R188 bearing locking system. This allows you to simply twist of the protection ring, and then remove the bearing with ease. Never have to deal with the mess and frustration of glued-in bearings again.

Now comes in Black, Red and Blue. Choose your favorite or get all three! (Don't settle for clones, these are all original and premium spinners. These are brass, not aluminum.)

Material: Brass
Bearing: R188 New! RBS (removable bearing system)
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Weight: 2 oz


** This spinner is also known as the S3 from the Chinese maker: Shenzhen Cigreen Technology Co. Since Cigreen is NOT selling directly to customers, I decided to list a US Distributor that is Spinnercraft. **


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*This spinner is NOT for sale directly on Hand Spinner. To purchase it, go to the maker store. Otherwise, if you would like to purchase one of our own spinners go to our store.