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Supercharger Innovations

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Sphidget combines several materials and manufacturing methods into a unique spinner toy that blends the line between form and function.

The purpose of Sphidget is to give the user something to occupy the wandering part of their mind. Its been proven that diverting the "fidgety" part of your mind into an easy task such as doodling or spinning a Sphidget can increase overall concentration...its also really fun.

Sphidget is constructed by clamping a bearing and rotating mass spheres between two clamping plates. This method of construction opens up the possibility of several assembly combinations. The design will allow easy swapping of spheres so that you can choose from a variety of different materials such as Brass, Delrin, Acrylic, Steel, or any 3/4" sphere material. This allows for fine tuning the weight and aesthetics of the Sphidget. 

Each kit comes standard with 440C Ultra hard Stainless Steel spheres. These are very scratch and dent resistant and also will not rust or discolor as you handle the Sphidget. The Sphidget can be adjusted to allow the spheres to free roll in their holders or adjusted so the spheres are held tight. You can make this adjustment easily with the included tool.


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