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The Spinnymajig Thruster Trispinner in 5mm Copper "Beautiful item, great quality," giuliacaligiuri, 15th March 2017.

Includes sheath/case lovingly made by my daughter ... it's a really nice 11oz jailhouse denim.

I am a commercial diver in the oil and gas industry unfortunately for some oil prices are not what they were... as a consequence of a shortage in diving work with my knowledge of metals and fabrication i started making these spinners for friends and family.

This has become an exciting family project for us. My daughter is making the pouches and her twin bro approves designs and tests each one! It is also teaching them the importance of business values and ethics. Therefore I'm really keen on offering a very high quality handmade product at a competitive and very realistic price.

52mm max, weight approx 90g
Body 5mm antiqued copper
bearings - hybrid ceramic
Thumb nuts and - stainless steel
Outer ball bearings 14mm 316 stainless steel


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