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United Bow Tie

United Machining

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The United Bow Tie Hand Spinner features all aluminum construction and utilizes a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing for extended spin times. Smooth spin times of 1-2 minutes are easily achievable(customers have reported 2:30+ minutes) which is an impressive feat considering it's light weight construction. It features a black hardcoated exterior for superior scratch resistance over bare aluminum.
  • Removable Buttons for easy cleaning
  • Hybrid Ceramic Bearing (.250" x .625" x .196 wide bearing)
  • Precision machined bearing housing that is .001" larger than the bearing allows for no added stress on the bearing whilst keeping the bearing perfectly centered. The bearing comes glued in.
  • Hardcoated body and buttons for durability
Weight without bearing: 19 grams
Dimensions: 2.3" long x 1.1" wide at it's widest point x .500" from button to button 
Recommended Cleaning Procedure: The entire spinner can be cleaned with soap and water with the buttons removed, finish by blowing the bearing out with compressed air.

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